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Getting your business message to our audience couldn't be simpler, contact Karen Day email to get more information.


Our Sales Office call 01323 886 446 or email , make friends with our listeners and advertise your business on Seahaven FM.

It's always important that your business stands out from your competitors, make sure customers choose you.

Radio advertising has certain advantages over other media in that the listener is going to hear your advert each time it is played. Printed adverts can be avoided or ignored, but the listener always hears a radio advertiser's message.

That's not to say that printed advertising is not affective, clearly it is, but a radio advert can bring your business in to life in a way that no other medium can, it can even feature you! Make sure potential customers choosing the products or services you offer know more about YOU rather than your competitors.


Seahaven FM is a community radio station which brings certain advantages to advertisers.

Firstly, listeners to local radio stations tend to be listening more attentively because everything about the station is local to the listener, this makes it more intimate and friendly. Remember the presenter on the radio is sitting less than 5 miles from any person listening on FM!

Secondly, adverts will appear more relevant because your address and phone STD number will already be familiar, all listeners will be in the 01323 or 01273 std code area. So it is likely that the listener will know the street that your business is in. But do they know you are there? Or do they know what you can offer them?

Choose your area, the Newhaven area covers Newhaven, Peacehaven, Seaford and parts of Lewes, the Eastbourne area covers Eastbourne, Polegate, Hankham, Westham and Pevensey. You can advertise in both areas or just choose the one that suits your businesses catchment area.


The cost of radio advertising has always thought to be very expensive and consequently only bigger organisations could afford it, well that has changed. Because Seahaven FM is a not for profit community radio station it does not have huge running costs, shareholders or lots of staff to pay. The station is run largely by volunteers, this means our advertising rates reflect the lower running costs. Is there anywhere else you can get this much exposure for the price?


Put your ad in printed media, how many times will it be read by an individual, once, twice, three times....or maybe not at all? On the radio your ad can be played four, five, six, seven or more times EVERY DAY, the listener won't avoid it they will hear it every time! If a listener hears your ad on the radio, then sees an ad you have in printed media they all ready know you!

Adding Value to Your Radio Advertising

Seahaven FM also runs a series of local community websites which provide a wealth of local information about each of the towns we serve. When you advertise on Seahaven FM, as part of the package, your full details are added to you local town website. There are links from the Seahaven FM website banners (see on the right hand side of this page well as the Advertisers page. The Town Websites offer further links to your website as well as providing a quick link to your contact details. See Eastbourne Town, Seaford Town, Newhaven Town, Lewes Town, Peacehaven Town.

Make Friends With Our Listeners!

To find out more call the Sales Line on 01323 886 446 or contact Karen Day directly, email or go to the Contact page and select "Advertising your Business on the Radio".

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